Wildwood Studios ~ Special and Custom Services

Tammy West

Tammy West likes to take on challenges in her business. She has a background that covers a wide range of subjects including fine art, sculpture and art and natural history education. She also brings to the company experience in interpretive planning and exhibit design and construction.

We like challenges! - If you have a special requests or want something different- try us we can help!

Some special services can include but are not limited to:

  • Custom light fixtures to reinforce your exhibit message
  • Sandblasted glass exhibit features or themed imagery on entryways, doors or windows
  • Sculptural imagery on door handles mirrors and drinking fountains
  • Hand made accent tiles, signs or murals
  • Mosaic murals or decorative elements
  • T-shirt Designs to spread the word about your exhibit
  • Freezing natural artifacts to kill harmful insects prior to installation
  • Refurbishing, restoring and updating old exhibits

"Working with Tammy was great! She was patient, listened to our needs, worked in a timely manner, and produced a high quality, creative exhibit that everyone was pleased with! "

~ Sumita Prasad - Fermata Inc.