Spread the message of your exhibits:
  • Kits designed in conjunction with your exhibits contain; quality interactive hands on materials, background information and a comprehensive activity manual containing lesson that encourage critical thinking skills
  • Kits containing brief activities can be lent to visitors inside your walls to enhance involvement in the message of your exhibits
  • Spread the word about your exhibits by lending kits containing extensive lessons out to teachers to increase students involvement and enhancing their field trip experience

"The Pre-historic Paleontology Kit is a wonderful asset to our dinosaur programs. The kits include interactive, engaging lessons that stimulate critical thinking skills and encourage exploration. The lessons contain ready-for-use, high quality materials, background info. and easy to understand instructions for educators. Nice visuals and clever hands-on materials ensure that activities are thought provoking and educational. Age-appropriate state educational standards for each activity require students to use skills in science, math, reading and art. Great attention to detail and researched thoroughly to ensure correct information within a small budget."
~ Janice Sturrock, Coordinator of Education and Programs, Austin Nature and Science Center