Wildwood Studios ~ Interpretive Sculptures & Reproductions

Tammy West

Tammy West's teaching background covers a wide range of subjects including fine art, sculpture and art and natural history education. She also brings to the company experience in interpretive planning and exhibit design and construction.

Sculptural Services

  • Sculptures of any size - tiny to monumental
  • Sculptures made from any material such as bronze, welded steel, foam, epoxy and more.
  • Interpretive and tactile sculptures to enhance the visitors experience by touching and experiencing your message in an exciting 3D format. They can be incorporated into signs or as a freestanding element. Sculptures such as animal track ways, lizard scales, and rough elephant’s skin can all be incorporated into 2D signs solidifying your message
  • Reproductions, topographical maps and miniature dioramas could convey your message better than just 2D signs
  • Reproductions and replicas of valuable, fragile or rare artifacts

"Tammy has an uncanny ability to reproduce the cave invertebrates with smooth attractive materials, clean lines, and quite accurate details. We were happy to use them during our Deep Down Underground Caving day event while we taught visitors of all ages about the unusual life forms in caves."

~ Margaret Russell, Sheffield Education Center, Splash! Into the Edwards Aquifer