Wildwood Studios - Austin, TX

Exhibit Design and Fabrication, Sculpure, Interpretive Planning and Design

At Wildwood Studios we specialize in exhibit design fabrication, certified interpretive planning, interpretive planning, reproductions, sculptures, educational kits, museum design and dioramas. Our exhibit capabilities include design & fabrication, interpretive signs, dioramas, museum exhibit design, interpretive exhibit design and displays.

We can do sculptures, reproductions, casts, interpretive sculptures, sculptures for museums, museums reproductions, tactile sculptures and more. We have certified interpretive planners who can can help you with interpretive planning, interpretive writing and editing, museum planning, research, visitor surveys, planning facilitator and consulting. We do educational illustration, tile, mosaic, painted and photographic murals, illustrations and murals for museums, illustrations for brochures and more. We like challenges! We can do a variety of different custom art and exhibit pieces including custom light fixtures, custom sandblasted glass, decorative metal windows and doors, exhibit refurbishment and repair, updating of exhibits.

We create custom educational learning kits or trunks, based on an exhibit theme or subject of study for schools, nature centers, museums and home school.

Tammy West

Wildwood Studios was founded by Tammy West.

Tammy West, owner and founder of Wildwood Studios, has experience in interpretive planning, exhibit design and construction, fine art, sculpture and art and natural history education.